Started as a Casio keyboard store back in the mid  1980, Mr. Tiono Rachman started his business at Siola, or mostly known with its modern name as Tunjungan Centre, selling just musical keyboards and slowly expanded his business with his two partners and called the shop as ‘Santario’.

As years passed by, more varieties of musical instruments and accessories are introduced. Eventually the shop was solely controlled by Mr. Tiono himself for about 10 years and rewarded by many distributors as the best dealer in the East Java for Yamaha, Casio, Korg and Roland.

Going strong in the early 2000 until in 2006, he built a five-storey music shop in Central Surabaya called as Surabaya Musik and we are still well-known for our best quality and wide-variety products. As one of the majorly known music store in Indonesia, we always want to satisfy our customers with our best-selling products and humble services provided by our staffs. 

Boss (35)
Bugera (1)
Casio (8)
Cort (45)
Fender (32)
Hartke (3)
Ibanez (50)
JBL (3)
Korg (8)
Laney (15)
Line 6 (2)
Mapex (1)
Meinl (1)
Paiste (2)
Pearl (3)
Peavey (8)
Roland (65)
Samson (1)
Tama (1)
Vox (8)
Yamaha (81)
Zoom (15)